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Your Reliable Transportation Company

Who We Are

Granite State Taxi & Transportation is a family-owned business located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Jennifer Ray and Christopher Wheeler started the business in 2019 after realizing that there is a definite need for a safe, reliable and affordable taxi service in the Nashua area.

Our professional staff have been registered and licensed through the City of Nashua after passing a rigorous background check. Our newer model white vehicles are also registered through the City of Nashua. In addition, they are not only inspected yearly as per State of NH guidelines, but they are also inspected twice per year by the Nashua Police Department.

We are fully compliant to these strict requirements and the result is a safe, reliable experience for our passengers! Unlike the larger Rideshare companies, we adhere to the City of Nashua's regulations and local ordinances that govern the taxicab industry here locally. For more information, please call or email us today. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.


Our Clients

            • Nonprofit Organizations
            • Businesses
            • Corporations
            • Medical Facilities
            • People Who Need Transportation Service

Corporate Account

We are always looking to expand our reach, while at the same time, assisting other businesses become more efficient. Please call us if you are a local business, non-profit, hospital/medical facility, auto parts dealer, pharmaceutical/biologics company, grocery store, restaurant etc. that has a need for transportation of either people or goods. We would love to discuss a potential partnership with your organization!

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